A Valley Without Wind

(The following review is brought to you by Nik Loizou, self-proclaimed as Miley Cyrus' biggest fan.)

A valley without wind is a 2D side-scroller from Arcen Games.

On the Horizon: Eurogamer 2013

Hey there folks. On the 26th of September, Ben and I are going to be attending the Eurogamer Expo in London. The lineup is looking pretty juicy. However, as we only have one day booked, we'd like to know what you would like us to take a good look at on the show floor.

First Impressions: Particulars!

It’s a particularly interesting game (hoho!). Apologies, any more of those and I’ll deserve a kick in the Particulars. This game is all about the physics of the indivisibly small, and the volatile complexities of that most basic level.

XCOM Expansion De-classified

Right-hand side: Nice hat.
The expansion to XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been announced under the title 'Enemy Within'...